Albatross Meet - 03/24/07

GERM finished first in the team standings at the Albatross Open for the third straight year in a very close meet.  Our lead was only about 100 points over ANCM going into the relays.  GERM swimmers set 9 new meet records, and 42 new team records in individual events.   In addition, 11 or our 14 relays set new team records.   And Margaret Conze won the fastest female swimmer award for the second year in a row with an incredible 27.38 for the 50m free.   (ANCM swimmer Margot Pettijohn, who swims with us on Mondays, also deserves special recognition for swimming in 5 relays at the end of the meet).

Meet records: Margaret Conze (W35-39) 50 fly, 100 free; Denise Noznesky (W40-44) 200 I.M.; Karen Cosgrove (W45-49) 200 I.M.; Amy Cooley (W50-54) 50 and 100 breast; Jeanne Lappin (W50-54) 50 and 100 fly; Linda Carter (W65-69) 100 back; Ed Reed (M60-64) 100 I.M.; Bob Maul (M70-74) 200 Back.  Most of these meet records are also team records.

Other team records: Victoria Windmiller (W25-29) 50 back; Margaret Conze (W35-39) 50m free; Jennifer Halem (W35-39) 50 and 100 back; Denise Noznesky (W40-44) 100IM, 200 free and back; Lisa Van Pelt-Diller (W45-49) 50 back; Amy Cooley (W50-54) 50 free; Linda Carter (W65-69) 50, 100 free, 50 back; Steve Horvath (M30-34) 100 back, IM; Karl Wunderlich (M40-44) 50, 100 free, 100 IM; Dan Blitz (M40-44) 200 and 400 IM; Dan Thomas (M50-54) 50 free; John Abbott (M55-59) 200 back; Rick Farrell (M55-59) 50, 100 and 200 free; Ed Reed (M60-64) 50 free, 200 back; David Robinson (M60-64) 50, 100 fly; Ken Wall (M65-69) 50 free.  Also contributing points to our final total win were Rebecca Sahm, Valerie Portney, Brenda Wilks, Dyann Charette, Dermot Murray, Brian Hahs, Bryan Main, Brian Sepanik, Keir Knight, Scott Golden, Tim Brockway, John Norvell and Richard Durham.

The following relays set new team records: 
Women's 200-239 400 free: Cooley, Cosgrove, Van Pelt-Diller, Lappin
Women's 200-249 200 medley: Van Pelt-Diller, Cooley, Lappin, Cosgrove
Men's 120-159 400 medley: Hahs, Blitz, Horvath, Golden
Men's 200-239 400 medley: Reed, Abbott, Walters, Farrell
Men's 240-279 200 medley: Farrell, Abbott, Robinson, Reed
Men's 240-279 400 medley: Thomas, Durham, Robinson, Norvell
Mixed 120-159 200 free: Hahs, Horvath, Conze, Halem
Mixed 120-159 400 free: Main, Sepanik, Windmiller, Halem
Mixed 160-199 400 free: Wunderlich, Conze, Brockway, Noznesky
Mixed 200-239 200 free: Walters, Wilks, Portney, Thomas
Mixed 200-239 400 medley: Wall, Knight, Wilks, Charette


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