June 2011 - Chesapeake Bay Swim



June 16, 2011: Congratulations to GERMís Chesapeake Bay swimmers. No new team records were set this year, but we had strong swims by Dan Blitz (7th, M40-44; 31st over all); Mark Young (4th, M45-49; 35th over all); Del Brockett (24th, M45-49; 200th over all); Jon Kaplan (29th, M45-49; 225th over all); Jimmy Rill (31st, M50-54; 283rd over all) and David Ruf (37th, M50-54; 312th over all).


Dan 1:54:23

Mark 1:54:44

Del 2:17:48

Jon 2:20:46

Jim 2:28:02

Dave (No wetsuit!) 2:32:56


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