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April 24, 2018:Please welcome our new coaching staff Ė effective in the summer although they have been subbing for Dyann off and on since late March.Todd Garner will become GERMís third head coach.Todd is an RMSC coach with extensive experience coaching young swimmers.Todd will coach some of our workouts, and others will be coached by Mark Ward or Greg Nelson.Mark was GERMís first head coach, and is the head coach and owner of Select Swim Academy.Greg is a GERM swimmer and trains triathletes in Rockville.We hope everyone enjoys the variety of workouts that will be coming your way when summer begins.


April 16, 2018:GERM swimmers set a number of new team records on the way to a 16th place finish (out of 51 teams that scored) at the Colonies Zone Championships last weekend.New team records set by individual swimmers included Terri Postma (W45-49) 500y free, Barbara Mallon (W50-54) 50y free and back, Lynne Andrews (W70-74) 100y free and back, and Mark Walters (M65-69) 200y breast and fly.New team relay records were set in the Mixed 45+ 200y medley:Lynne Andrews, Terri Postma, Scott Golden, Stephen Wright; and the Menís 65+ 400y medley: Stephen Wright, Ronald Greger, Mark Walters, Michael Boyle.


April 13, 2018:FINA World Top Ten rankings are out for the 2017 short and long course meters events.GERM had one individual and three relays in the world top ten for short course.Jeanne Lappin was 4th in the W60-64 100m fly, and 8th in the 400m IM.Our menís 100-119 800m free relay was 7th:Jason George, Dimitrijs Milajevs, Sid Parachuru and Kempsey Clark.Our womenís 160-199 800m free relay was also 7th:Denise Dombay, Terri Postma, Dorota Hassett and Johanna Schneider.Finally, our mixed 280-319 400m medley relay was 5th:Lynne Andrews, Jim Hillman, David Robinson and Arlene Proebsting.Congratulations to all our world-ranked swimmers.


March 16, 2018:Dan Blitz set two new team records at the Snag Holmes meet in Palm Beach, Florida:M50-54 100y breast and 200y back.


March 6, 2018:In the closest Albatross finish ever, GERM prevailed by 27 points to take the team championship.A great meet was put on by ANCM once again, and they pushed us to the very last event.All 37 GERM swimmers contributed to the winning total.Two GERMs set new meet records:Jeanne Lappin in the W60-64 100m IM, and David Robinson in the M75-79 50 and 100m free.New team records were set by the following swimmers:Lisa Chin (W35-39) 400m free; Jenny Carswell (W40-44) 100m fly; Lynne Andrews (W70-74) 50m free and breast; Evan Murdock (M18-24) 50m back; Gustavo Sandi (M45-49) 50m breast; Dan Blitz (M50-54) 200m back; Scott Golden (M55-59) 50m free and 50 and 100m fly; Mark Young (M55-59) 200m free, back, breast and IM; Greg Nelson (M55-59) 100m breast; Mark Walters (M65-69) 50 and 100m fly and 200m breast; David Robinson (M75-79) 50 and 100m free, 100 and 200m back.Team relay records are getting very hard to break, but our swimmers broke four of them.The relay record breakers are: Mixed 240-279 200m medley:Andrews, Sandi, Lappin, Thomas Offenbacher; Mixed 200-239 400m free:Blitz, Lappin, Dombay, Matthew Paushter; Mixed 200-239 400m medley:Dombay, Sandi, Lappin, Paushter; Men 200-239 400m medley:Farol Tomson, Blitz, Young, Golden;Mixed 120-159 400m free:Schneider, Chin, Thomas Culliton, Main .


February 16, 2018:A record 43 GERM swimmers made the Short Course Meters National Top Ten in 2017, either individually or as part of a top ten relay.Four swimmers made Relay All American with the fastest womenís 160-199 800m free relay time:Denise Dombay, Terri Postma, Dorota Hassett and Johanna Schneider.Individual top ten swimmers:Ellizabeth Cocker (W18-24) 50 breast (4th); Samantha Greenwald (W18-24) 100 free (9th) and 100 back (10th); Ivy Huang (W35-39) 100 fly (10th); Dorota Hassett (W40-44) 50 free (8th), 100 back (10th), 100 IM (9th); Jenny Carswell (W40-44) 200 fly (5th); Terri Postma (W45-49) 200 fly (7th); Denise Dombay (W50-54) 200 IM (6th); Jeanne Lappin (W60-64) 50 fly (8th), 100 fly (2nd), 200 IM (6th), 400 IM (3rd); Lynne Andrews (W70-74) 50 back (4th), 200 back (10th); Evan Murdock (M18-24) 50 back (8th), Jason George (M30-34) 200 breast (8th), 200 fly (4th); Steven Krempasky (M30-34) 200 breast (10th); Jeff Jarczynski (M40-44) 50 breast (4th), 100 breast (3rd); Gustavo Sandi (M45-49) 100 breast (10th); Richard Durham (M75-79) 200 breast (9th); and Roger Golden (M75-79) 100 fly (6th) and 200 IM (4th).Relay top ten swimmers include: Men (72-99) 200m free: Kempsey Clark, Robertino Bogart, GeoNikolov, Murdock (6th); Men (72-99) 200m medley: Clark, Murdock, Nikolov, Sid Parachuru (8th); Men (72-99) 400m free:Clark, Nikolov, Parachuru, Murdock (2nd); 400m medley: Murdock, Bogart, Clark, Nikolov (4th); Men (100-119) 800m free: George, Dimitrijs Milajevs, Parachuru, Clark (2nd); Men (120-159) 400m medley: Milajevs, Sandi, Bryan Main, Dominik Van Der Veen (8th); Men (200-239) 400m free:Karl Wunderlich, Scott Golden, Dan Thomas, Farol Tomson (6th); Men (280-319) 400m free: Mike Boyle, Roger Golden, John Abbott, James Hillman (7th); Women (120-159) 200m free: Dombay, Carswell, Greenwald, Hassett (3rd); Women (160-199) 400m free: Hassett, Lappin, Deborah Gayle, Postma (3rd); Women (160-199) 400m medley: Hassett, Postma, Lappin, Caren Bancroft (5th); Women (160-199) 800m free: Dombay, Postma, Hassett, Schneider (1st); Mixed (100-119) 200m free: Parachuru, Cocker, Renee Charriere, Krempasky (10th); Mixed (200-239) 200m free: Lappin, Dombay, Wunderlich, Van Der Veen (5th); Mixed (200-239) 400m medley: Dombay, Jarczynski, Scott Golden, Karen Cosgrove (6th); Mixed (240-279) 200m medley: Dombay, Lappin, Tim Brockway, Ken Wall (8th); Mixed (280-319) 200m free:Linda Carter, Deborah Gilgore, Hillman, Wall (10th); Mixed (280-319) 200m medley: Andrews, Durham, Abbott, Arlene Proebsting (6th); Mixed (280-319) 400m medley: Andrews, Hillman, David Robinson, Proebsting (3rd).


February 11, 2018:New team records were set at the Alexandria Masters Tropical Splash by Barbara Mallon (W50-54 50y back), Lynne Andrews (W70-74 200y back), and Mark Walters (M65-69 50 and 100y breast).


December 7, 2017:Germantown Masters captured the combined and menís team titles at the 5th annual Solstice meet.Montgomery Ancient Mariners took the womenís title.The Cresendo Relay trophy went to the UMAC Terrapins for the second straight year.New team records were set by the following GERM swimmers in individual events:Jeff Jarczynski (M40-44 100m breast); Jenny Carswell (W40-44 200m fly); Linda Carter (W75-79 50m back and free, 100m back and free);Samantha Greenwald (W18-24 50 and 100m free); Deborah Gilgore (W55-59 50m free); Richard Durham (M75-79 50m breast), Johanna Schneider (W40-44 200m breast).Two GERM relays set new team records:Women 120-159 200m free:Denise Dombay, Carswell, Greenwald, Dorota Hassett; Women 160-199 800m free:Dombay, Terri Postma, Hassett, Schneider.GERM swimmers also established several new meet records:Jason George (M30-34 200m fly); Linda Carter (W75-79 50m back and 100m free); Jenny Carswell (W40-44 200m fly); Terri Postma (W45-49 200m fly); Jeff Jarczynski (M40-44 50m breast); Samantha Greenwald (W18-24 100m back); Deborah Gayle (W35-39 400m free); Dorota Hassett (W40-44 50m free); Ken Wall (M75-79 50m free); and the mixed 200m medley relay team (240-279) of Stephen Wright, James Hillman, Denise Dombay, and Valerie Hall.




Practice times Ė summer workouts begin at Quince Orchard on Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day, with a week off in early August.No workouts are held at GISC in the summer.GISC workouts will resume in the fall.

            Pools: Q.O. = Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club; GISC = Germantown Indoor Swim Center

 †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Q.O.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† G.I.S.C.

Sundays          8:30-9:30 a.m.         Q.O.  †††††††††††

Mondays         5:00-6:30 am             Q.O. †††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† †††††††††††

Mondays ††††††† 6:30-7:30 am†††††††††††††† Q.O.††††††††††††††††††††††††††† GISC workouts resume in the fall

Tuesdays ††††††† 8:00-9:00 pm†† ††††††††††† Q.O.(7:30-8:30 in August)

Wednesdays †† 5:00-6:30 am†††††††††††††† Q.O.

Wednesdays††† 6:30-7:30 am†††††††††††††† Q.O.

Thursdays††††††† 8:00-9:00 pm†††††††††††††† Q.O.(7:30-8:30 in August)

Saturdays††††††† 8:30-9:30 am†††††††††††††† Q.O.(May, August, Sept. only)


Rates for winter/spring coached workouts

QUINCE ORCHARD                                                           GISC 

Once a week: $150

Twice a week: $230

Unlimited: $300††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


These rates do not include your 2018 USMS registration (required for insurance) ($50).You can register for USMS using the link at the top of this website.No team dues in 2018.