December 11, 2013: Team records from the Solstice Meet. Individual events: Emily Bosco (W30-34) 50 and 100m breast, and 200 IM;Karen Cosgrove (W55-59) 200 free and 200 breast; Jeanne Lappin (W55-59) 400 free; Denise Banjavic (W60-64) 100 IM; Dean Baudler (M18-24) 50m back; Charles Miller (M18-24) 50 breast, 50 fly, 100 IM; Jason George (M25-29) 400 free; Jonathan Smink(M30-34) 50 fly, 200 IM; Fred Hviid (M35-39) 200 back and 400 free; Anthony Higgins (M40-44) 100 back; Scott Golden (M50-54) 400 free.

Relays: W200-239 200m free: Carole Valis, Cosgrove, Amy Cooley, Denise Noznesky; M72-99 200m free: Baudler, Clark, George, Miller; M120-159 200m free: Dominik Van Der Veen, Andrew Barnes, Smink, Hviid; M160-199 800m free: Bryan Main, Chip Lagdon, Higgins, Hviid; M72-99 800m free: Miller, George, Clark, Baudler; M200-239 medley: Dan Thomas, Lagdon, Greg Strouse, S. Golden; M160-199 200m medley: Higgins, Nicholas Irons, Karl Wunderlich, Farol Tomson; M200-239 200m free: S. Golden, Thomas, Lagdon, Strouse; M280-319 200m free: Ken Wall, John Norvell, David Robinson, Jim Hillman; Mixed 160-199 200m medley: Hviid, Van Der Veen, Lappin, Noznesky.

December 8, 2013: Congratulations to the Montgomery Ancient Mariners, who took home the high point team trophy at last night’s 1st Annual Solstice Meet. Trophzilla was won by the GERM Crescendo relay team of Amy Cooley, Denise Noznesky, Jeanne Lappin, and Fred Hviid. ANCM took 2nd and 3rd and YWMA was 4th. Congrats to all event winners - you all hold meet records. Finally, thanks to the masters swimming community for supporting us so well this first year. We hope you will all come back next year.


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